Jens Karney

disappeared on 22 April, 1991, kidnapped in broad daylight on a street in Friedrichshain – a street that at that time still bore the name of the first Soviet Commandant, General Nikolai Bersarin –  by members of of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. The worldwide hunt for him by US intelligence services began years ago after he disappeared in the aftermath of the Mexico City earthquake of 1985.

Much had happened since that since, and a fair amount has been written about it. Much of it incorrect.

Karney now tells the story for the first time in his book “Against All Enemies: An American’s Cold War Journey”, detailing previously unknown events of the Cold War, as he personally experienced them.  Today, even 30 years later, the Pentagon and the NSA have redacted and censored enormous amounts of text. That this wasn’t always done with the thoroughness one would usually associate with government censors, may come as a surprise, thus suggesting to readers exactly what information the censors would rather you not know.

Out now: The book “Against All Enemies – An American’s Cold War Journey” by Jens Karney available on Createspace and A Kindle version is also available.