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Jens Karney on World Update BBC World Service in September 2013


           Jeff Carney: The lonely US airman turned Stasi spy

           BBC News Magazin 19 September 2013 


           Code Name ‘Kid’: American Stasi Spy Tells His Story

            DER SPIEGEL 33/2013

            DER SPIEGEL portuguese 33/2013

            DER SPIEGEL hungarian 33/2013


Nineteen years ago, he was one of East Germany’s most successful spies, code-named “The Kid”
Germany denies passport to ex-spy –
Washington Times (July 21, 2003)
In 1991, the Americans received a tip-off from a Stasi officer, and he was seized by US secret agents outside his flat in a covert operation.
Telegraph (July 20, 2003)
18 years ago, US soldier Jeffrey Carney defected to the German Democratic Republic (GDR). As an expression of its gratitude, the Stasi (the former East German secret police) granted citizenship to the defector. Now the former top spy wants to return. But the German authorities are balking and the homeland he is seeking has long since ceased to exist.
DER SPIEGEL (29/2003)
Carney was sentenced to 38 years in prison at a court-martial, having plead guilty to espionage, desertion and conspiracy
Catching an Air Force Spy – National Museum of the US Air Force

When he enlists in the U.S. military as a 17-year-old in 1980, he quickly asks to be stationed in Berlin, where he became a welcome addition to the radio intelligence unit of the 6912th Electronic lintelligent, speaks perfect German and, most importantly, is a tremendously skilled listener.

DOE Counterintelligence Briefing Center
The American students are spellbound. The charismatic lecturer has had their rapt attention for half an hour but has not revealed his identity yet. He asks them which intelligence agency they consider the most effective. Their top three choices are the CIA, KGB, and National Security Agency (NSA). The lecturer writes his top three on the blackboard: the Mossad, Stasi, and the NSA. The students assume the lecturer is a recruiter from the CIA. He circles his top choice – the Stasi – and mentions that he worked for them.
Inside the Stasi’s Spy-Tech World By Kristie Macrakis